latest dye batch

The latest from the dye pot! I am very happy with how these turned out. I intended to dye the 4 quarters (earth, air, fire, water) but fire didn’t come out the way I expected and turned out to be a geeky dye.

Air, a mix of blues, greys and smidge of white here and there. 2ply merino superwash

Water, from the lightest blue to ocean green

Jayne, should have been fire but was far too perfect as a geeky hank. REds yellows and oranges, just like in the famous hat Jayne wears in Firefly

Earth, deep red, lush greens and earthy browns to represent the Northern quarter.


With a bit of luck I will have my etsy shop up and running within the next week and these beauties will be available as soon as possible.


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