About me

I learned how to knit as a young girl at my Grandmothers feet and as a child with very little patience I had the desire but not the drive to keep knitting. This was revived when I went to New Zealand as a 15 year old and had the good fortune to spend a lot of time with an aunty who knew how to do it all. She taught me embroidery and I actually found the patience to finish a couple of projects!

Then adulthood set in, I became pregnant and I really wanted to knit things for the baby. Not sure what, but I wanted to knit. I bought needles and cotton and I found knitty and I got started. I cursed a lot, shouted, screamed, and lost my temper too many times. And then I stopped following the instructions to knit “the right way”, something clicked and I was off. I haven’t really stopped since.

I have learned many new fibre related skills always learning the rules and breaking them at the same time.  Whilst I have broadened my knowledge of fibre related crafts I am most comfortable with knitting, spinning, crochet, and weaving.

Me! 🙂

It is rare to find me without a project within reach and I usually have a few different things on the go. I absolutely love knitting shawls and socks and have a small (<- lies, lies! its huge really) and growing stash.

When I am not doing something with wool I am either warhammering with my sons, getting my geek on in one of my fandoms, or helping the wool growers (AKA sheep) in some way with my poor suffering boyfriend tagging along to ensure that I don’t “accidentally” bring home a lamb in my basket!