About the Little Spiral

The Little Spiral was born out of my obsession love for fibre and everything to do with taking it from fleece to finished object. I found myself randomly helping people with their knitting on the bus and people even started to drop in on me when playing Warhammer with my kids to help them with a knitting or crochet issue. I quickly realised that sharing this love for fibre crafting made me immensely happy. If in some way I could make it my day job, well that would be smashing!

So now I run workshops to teach you a variety of skills. from knitting to crochet to dyeing, spinning and weaving. Teaching the rules whilst also breaking them at the same time. Encouraging you not to get stuck in this belief that something has to be a certain way to be right or correct.

I couldn’t do all this and then not supply you with the goods to put your new skills to use! Hand dyed and painted yarns and batts will soon be available from my shop as well as a variety of must haves for the fibre enthusiast