About the rest of the team

Whilst the little Spiral is a one woman show, I couldn’t do it without these guys!

My Ginger

My Ginger, hard at work with the wool masters

My lovely boyfriend who is under no illusion about how bonkers I really am, feeds my wooly habit by taking me to wool shops and suffers through wearing hand knitted socks. We each have our fandoms and despair at each others poor choices (Nothing is as good as firefly!) but support them anyway.

The squish

The Squish

The boy, nearly a man, who made me mama. He loves my wooly adventures and thoroughly approves of the soft and squishy stuff he gets to wear. Often helps me in the dye kitchen to come up with fab colour combinations and several of the colours in the shop were his idea!


The first twin to be born. My challenger who loves to come up with ways to make more money so he can buy more lego. Hates the smell of dyeing so generally runs for the hills when the pots come out


The second twin to be born. Like his brother he cares mostly about more lego and he too hates the smell of dyeing but will hang around and help if it means he gets to hold the wooden spoon.

Ted the Turdis

Ted the Turdis

Ted the chocolate Labrador. Named Turdis by my boyfriend who is sure he is bigger on the inside due to the size of his “deposits”. Ted likes to sniff out the fancy stuff in my pile of wool, and for a dog fancy is the unwashed fleeces that may have something “tasty” sticking to them. He helps most by always getting in the way and forever trying to lie at  my feet.

Kiwi girl

The stereotypical black cat that every witch needs to be owned by. Except Kiwi girl is perhaps weirder than some cats. she hates wool, or string, or anything that most cats enjoy. Instead she lies on the porch roof when the sun is out and hides under it when it isn’t and just bullies Ted the Turdis. The only time she gets involved is when new wool is delivered and been put away in the relevant places and there is an empty cardboard box to play with.