about the fibres and dyes

Wool is, in my humble opinion, magical. Its amazing stuff that just never fails to inspire me.

I have a few favourite places where I get my wool from. One is the Alfie Purl flock. I help out regularly with this flock to practise my shepherding skills and to get some quality sheepy time. the flock live a quick bike ride or about an hours leisurely walk from my home, they all have names and come when called! The flock consist of Cotswolds, Llynn , lincolns and english mules.

I buy British when possible but sometimes the heart wants what the heart wants and I shop a little further from home. I do my best to ensure the places I buy from are ethical, responsible and somewhere I feel everyone involved, from animal to human, is treated with respect.

I dye with acid dyes for most of my project. occasionally I will dye with plant and fungi. I use acid dyes because they are very light fast and the mordant needed is vinegar so it is a very safe dye to use. For a lot of natural dyes you need rather toxic mordants that are in no way safe to use and are very damaging to the environment. So unless it is labelled as a plant or fungi dye it will be an acid dye that was used to create the beautiful colours.